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Nothing will give your old outfits  a new lease in your style archives like brand new accessories. A little sparkle from new earrings brings glamour to your look, the perfectly crafted handbag is the ultimate companion for a fashionable night-out, a hat (obvz) or a necklace that holds perfect synergy between art and fashion bringing out the right amount of sparkle and romance. Superbalist has plenty of options and my overflowing shopping cart on their site is proof.

I have picked 7 lust-have accessories from the Superbalist website currently on my wishlist and soon to be in my collection come pay day 🙂

  1. The satin bow choker (R79.00)

Chic and versatile this satin bow can be worn with  a simple thin-straps blouse (as displayed on the model) or you can tie around the collar of your white shirt or use it as a fancy hair tie for a prim and proper finish. Definitely on my cart

2. Lamascolo earrings by Aldo(R199.00)

Architectural earrings are fast becoming my earrings of choice, they are timeless and elegant. These made me imagine a dinner at a fancy restaurant that has chandeliers, I would wear them with a bold red lip for a memorable look.

3. Cross body red bag R199.00

Sophisticated, smart and classic bags can never be shunned in any season, a  burst of colour always brings that needed little lift to an outfit and they make a statement.

4. The studded backpack R299.00

Not the natural bag solution for the gentle woman like myself as I associate backpacks with festivals, but the brassy studs and luxe black  faux leather finish help keep things more grown-up;  the more I looked at this bag on the site it became  less Christopher Robin and  more Carrie Bradshaw thats why it is on my wishlist.

5. Flat lens cat eye sunglasses R99.00

The latest trend when it comes to sunglasses is the narrow skeleton framed cat-eye sunglasses currently, but they are completely not my style, this flat lens cat-eye  does it for me I’m still into big glasses. My rule when choosing sunglasses is simple, its not about the face shape its about personality, let your style compass guide you.

6. The baseball hat R449.00

So timeless and versatile it also covers a multitude of sin called bad-hair days with ease. Lets not forget the important function that made baseball hats so popular to begin with is the anonymity they provide especially with a big pair of sunglasses as well as coverage to shade-seeking celebrities and the follicly-challenged alike.

7. Slim Runway watch by Michael Kors R3999.00

Do I even need to say why I need a MK watch in my life? I mean the glamour, luxurious and classic, a statement piece for any occasion.The kind of watch you can stack up with jewelry or wear on its own because either way it will standout. I like that it is slimmer than the iconic Runway favourite  since I am leaning more to the minimalist side of life.

For more accessories inspiration and to add to create your own cart visit the Superbalist website by clicking here. If you are a first time shopper you can enjoy R250.00 off your first purchase valued at R600.00 or more.

You can also download the Superbalist app Android and Apple

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