Love the Skin You’re In


Focus on skincare has become increasingly vital over time, highlighting the need for proper skincare to maintain healthy, radiant and well nourished skin. Having beautiful and glowing skin has got to be one of the most satisfying things about self care. Without a doubt well cared for skin is a massive confidence booster. When you love the skin you’re in you feel on top of the world. Considering that it’s the single largest organ covering our bodies and gets exposed to a lot of harmful substances its then important to protect and hydrate, not every now and then but daily. Of course this requires knowing your skin so as to apply the right regimen suited for your skin type.

Skin forms our physical appearance, if it looks good it feels good. Proud to say our South African beauty and cosmetic market now more than before has a booming range of skin care products to invest in. So in a quest to achieve my own skin care goals I’ve been stalking a few local brands to plug myself with a proper glow up.


Corium Natural Skincare

Formulated for simplicity, purity and credibility, Corium is naturally derived from botanical and plant ingredients to effectively infiltrate the skin. With their large range of products, your skin is guaranteed to be rejuvenated. Their cleansing bars are very uniquely crafted to each care for different skin types.



Portia M Skin Solution

Originally formulated to hydrate African skin giving it a luxurious and smooth feel, Portia M is richly saturated with the indigenous African Marula ingredient that has exceptional skin care benefits. This skin solution helps heal skin from acne, scars, uneven skin tone, stretch marks. What’s even more exciting is that Portia M has made easy it for consumers to access the product by making it available at retail stores.



Oamobu Naturals

Oamobu naturals are handcrafted to naturally nourish skin in its purest form. Using organic extracts, its African Black Soap and Unrefined Shea Butter are winners for smooth, rich and clear skin. The African Black Soap in particular has become a favorite for fighting skin impediments, providing an all natural glow.



Skoon Skin Care

This is a cruelty free beauty product with no harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients, environmental and eco-friendly to keep skin well nourished. Produced with a mixture of only the finest sources extracted from all over the world, its customised to suit all skin types to provide a gentle and plump feel. Skoon is all about keeping it clean.



Beautiful skin is a life long process.

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