About Glow Up

The road to wellness is paved with self-love and continued self-improvement, a great skincare routine, regular exercise and of course a stunning wardrobe is also vital.

Apart from the help of adolescence, a Glow Up is a deliberate pursuit – from hair, makeup, skincare, fragrance selection, fitness and wardrobe that is why we decided to create this platform. It is for those who want to get up, dress up and show up in full confidence in their everyday life.

Glow Up aims to inspire with fashion (classics as well as trends), share beauty secrets and lifestyle tips from women (and men) from all walks of life as well industry insiders. Glow Up isn’t just the confidence in physical appearance but it is most importantly a state of mind that is pro-growth and pro-beaming.

Glow Up’s Founding Editor, Siyanda Bani has captured the modern audience with her flair for fashion and her innate devotion to all things beauty. A little spunk with a lot of elegance nestled in a wholesome smile is what you will see manifest on her social media platforms.

Her aim is to take the intimidation out of fashion and beauty and to hand women the power back in confidence. Siyanda worked as a Content Producer for two widely celebrated magazines titles Good Housekeeping and COSMO SA.

A bit more about her; she’s an avid reader of African literature, makeup enthusiast, lover of good glass of red, aspiring gym bunny and an ambassador of positivity.

Get in touch with our Editor: siyandabani@gmail.com for commercial and contributor information.